Promoting and developing the game of golf

In accordance with law n°30-09, the promotion and development of golf are at the heart of the federation’s missions.

The RMGF is responsible for organizing, encouraging, promoting and developing golf throughout the Kingdom. To this end, the RMGF has set up a series of programs aimed for all ages, genders and levels of play.

Organization and management of competitions

The RMGF plans and manages golf competitions, at national and international level, for which it delegates the organization to the Hassan II Golf Trophy Association (ATH).

The ATH is a sports association recognized as a public utilitý organization, created on September 4th, 2002, and chaired by His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid.

The RMGF establishes and coordinates a yearly calendar of national and international competitions and ensures that it is respected. The sporting calendar is designed to enable all levels and ages to take part in real competition conditions, throughout the year and across the whole country.

Golf regulations and supervision

The RMGF is responsible for regulating golf at national level.

The Federation ensures that its members comply with current legislation and regulations on physical education and sports.

It ensures that its members comply with the laws and regulations that are governing the practice of golf at national and international level, in particular the statutes, regulations, rules of the game and code of ethics of the RMGF and the International Golf Federation, of which it is a member.

The Federation is responsible for monitoring the activities of sports agents and ensuring that contracts and agreements concluded with athletes, sports managers, sports associations and companies, or any other organizer of sporting events, safeguard the interests of athletes and golf within the Kingdom.

Training and professionalization of the golf profession

The RMGF attaches the utmost importance to training, seeing it as an essential element in the development of the sport.

The Federation's main mission is to promote training in the field of sports and golf-related professions.

With that in mind, the Federation emphasizes sports training and the professionalization of golf-related professions, while offering a variety of educational programs tailored to different skill levels, and taking care to establish partnerships with national and international experts to guarantee the quality and relevance of these training courses.

Support for elite and professional players

The RMGF is in charge of structuring the high-level field and offers local support to professional players through technical coaching.

The Federation supervises and manages elite players representing Morocco in international tournaments, and also offers elite players a wide range of national and international competitions, such as the Maroc Elite Tour, the Fédéral Amateur Tour, the Coupe du Trône and other international competitions.


The Royal Moroccan Golf Federation is driven by strong and essential values that guide its actions on a daily basis: Respect ; Sharing ; Listening ; Openness and Ambition


Respect, because the federation promotes respect for the game, its rules, the player and the environment.


Sharing, because the federation spreads passion, the pleasure of the game, experience and expertise.


Listening, because the federation decides and acts in consultation with players (amateur and professional), clubs and its entire ecosystem.


Openness, because the federation is working to make golf more accessible to young people and women.


Ambition, because the federation strives to nurture talent, develop it and enhance the performance of golfers of all ages and levels, by encouraging and facilitating their training.